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The focus of this guide is on the buying and selling of real estate, as well as long-term residential property rentals or leases in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

For the most part, the resources that you will find here will be online resources representing real estate professionals and property management companies in Grand Blanc, although property offered for sale by owner would be appropriate here, as well as apartment or condominium facilities that manage their own properties.

By definition, a real estate agent is a person whose business is to facilitate the selling or renting of houses, land, offices or buildings on behalf of the owners.

Although people commonly use the terms Realtor, real estate agent, and real estate broker interchangeably, they are not actually the same thing. Real estate agents and brokers hold different licenses, and only brokers can work independently, but both agents and brokers can use the title Realtor, although, to do so, they must be active members of the National Association of Realtors. The chief distinction between a Realtor and an agent or a broker is that Realtors are members of NAR. Some agents become brokers, which involves a greater level of education and experience. Brokers can work independently, and hire agents to work for them.

Many real estate agencies also provide property management services, which may involve handling real estate leases or apartment rentals, although there are also property management companies who perform these tasks exclusively.

Owners of apartment buildings or rental properties may opt to manage the properties themselves or to hire a property manager, while others will engage the services of a real estate agency or property management company.

Appropriate resources for this category are websites representing real estate agents, brokers, or Realtors in Grand Blanc, or the real estate agencies, brokerages, or firms that employ them, as well as residential property management companies, apartment or condominium rentals, or homes for sale or lease by owners within the city.

Short-term rentals, such as hotels, motels, or seasonal rentals, would be listed within a Places to Stay category rather than being listed in this category. If the renter or the lessee would be considered a resident of Grand Blanc, by virtue of their stay, then the listing would be appropriately listed here. If, on the other hand, they would be considered a visitor, then the listing would be listed in a Places to Stay category, if such a subcategory has been created within the Grand Blanc category.



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