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The unincorporated community of Greenbush, Michigan is situated on the west shores of Lake Huron in northeast Greenbush Township, Alcona County, Michigan.

The chief route through the community is US-23, which connects Greenbush with the city of Harrisville, five miles to the north. Other routes include Cedar Lake Road, Ridley Road, and East F30 Road, which connects with Mikado, five miles to the west. Besides Harrisville, the only other incorporated city or village within twenty miles of Greenbush is Lincoln. Unincorporated communities within ten miles include Springport, Mikado, Lincoln Junction, Gustin, Killmaster, and Alvin.

Although he probably wasn't the first European-American settler in the area, the settlement began to come together after Crosier Davison built a fishery and cooperage there in 1847. At that time, the region was known as the Sliding Banks of the Au Sable.

Morris & McDougal, a New York company, acquired government land there in 1862 and set up operations harvesting pine timber, shipping the timber to market via Lake Huron. Consequently, the area became known as McDougal's Landing.

In the mid-1860s, William Conklin built a sawmill, and others came to work at his mill operations. At the suggestion of one of Conklin's employees, who had come from Greenbush, New York, the name of the community was changed to Greenbush.

On May 16, 1870, a post office was established in Greenbush, with James Burton as the first postmaster. On May 18, 1917, the name of the post office was changed to Perfection, but it was changed back to Greenbush on January 8, 1921. The post office continues in operation, serving the eastern part of Greenbush Township, as well as a narrow strip between US-23 and Lake Huron in southern Harrisville Township and northern Oscoda Township, as far as Lake Road. The Mikado post office serves the western portion of Greenbush Township, and the Oscoda post office serves areas in southern Greenbush Township.

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