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Gulliver, Michigan is a sparsely populated settlement on the shores of Gulliver Lake, in southern Doyle Township, Schoolcraft County, in the Upper Peninsula.

As an unincorporated community, Gulliver has no defined boundaries, but its chief population area is immediately northeast of Gulliver Lake. However, since Gulliver is the only named community in the township, the homes and cottages that have been built around the lake are generally considered to be part of Gulliver, and south to nearby Lake Michigan, where there are a few homes on north shores of the larger lake.

The main route through the community is US-2, which connects Gulliver with Manistique, just over ten miles to the west. The next nearest incorporated cities or villages are Newberry, forty-five miles away, and Munising, fifty-five miles away. There are a few other unincorporated communities within ten miles from Gulliver, including Parkington, Port Inland, and Blaney Park.

Gulliver Lake is an 881-acre body of water that includes a public boat launch on the northwest corner of the lake. Gents Creek feeds Gulliver Lake in the eastern part of Gulliver's main population area. Gulliver Lake Road encircles the lake, and South Lake Michigan Road connects Gulliver to Lake Michigan. Other nearby lakes include Anderson Lake, Clear Lake, Little Muddy Lake, McDonald Lake, Merwin Lake, Minnow Lake, and several smaller bodies of water.

The Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad (Soo Line) came through in the late 1880s. The railroad established a station about a mile west of the main settlement area. A post office was established at the rail station on December 21, 1889, with Alba R. Monroe as postmaster. The post office was originally named Whitedale, for the postmaster, alba being Latin for white. The railroad track into the village was called Gulliver's Spur.

When a petition was filed to organize the township in May of 1890, the township was to be named Gulliver Township. However, it was an election year and Manistique did not want to lose any of its voting power, so the subject was tabled until October 15 of that year. When the same petition was again presented, there was heated opposition, including fistfights, according to reports published by the Pioneer Tribute in Manistique. In time, the case was heard before the Michigan Supreme Court and, by then, the stated opposition was to the proposed name of the township. One representative voiced his concern that Gulliver brought to mind a village of elves and giants. In response to the latest objection, the proposed name of the township was changed to Doyle Township, after Congressman Michael J. Doyle, who had helped to negotiate an agreement.

Most Gulliver residents are employed in Manistique, as there is not much in the way of industry or commerce in Gulliver.

The focus of this category is on the unincorporated community of Gulliver. As the township hall and facilities are located in Gulliver, the official township website would be appropriate for this category, as would those of any businesses or organizations within the Gulliver postal region or the southern portion of the township.



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