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The focal point of this guide is on faith, religion, and spirituality in Hancock, Michigan.

By definition, religion is an institutional system of beliefs, attitudes, and practices, generally conducted in service to or worship of a god or supernatural being. On the other hand, spirituality refers to the experience of a connection to something larger than oneself. Spirituality is the way in which a person expresses meaning and purpose to their life. Faith, on the other hand, is more difficult to define, largely because it means something different to every individual. Perhaps the best definition is that faith is the thing that allows someone to believe in something that cannot be proven through empirical evidence.

Faith, religion, and spirituality are often used interchangeably, although they are not truly synonymous.

For the purpose of categorization, this section will be used to share online resources in reference to ministries and places of worship in Hancock, Michigan, although any website that focuses on topics of faith, religion, or spirituality within the city would be appropriate.



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