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The village of Hanover, Michigan is surrounded by Hanover Township in south Jackson County, which is in the southern portion of the Lower Peninsula.

Bibbins Lake takes up the northwest corner of the village, and Rustine Lake is just north of Bibbins Lake, while Horseshoe Lake is to the southwest of the village, with some smaller bodies of water between Horseshoe Lake and the village limits.

The main through streets in the village are State Street and Jackson Street. State Street runs east-west through the village, becoming Hanover Road outside of the village limits. Jackson Street is a north-south street that is known as Roundtree Road outside of the village.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Hanover include Concord, North Adams, Jonesville, Litchfield, Cement City, Jackson, Hillsdale, Homer, Parma, Brooklyn, Addison, Allen, and Albion, and there are three unincorporated communities within ten miles of the village: Moscow, Mosherville, and Jerome.

Hanover is equidistant from Ann Arbor (east), Battle Creek (west), and Lansing (north), each of which is about fifty miles away. Toledo, Ohio is about seventy miles southeast.

Hanover is a small village with a fairly stable population count. Although there have been several ups and downs, the village's low population was 300 in 1880, its peak population was 513 in 1970, and it had a population of 441 at the time of the 2010 census. Several residents of Hanover commute to work, although the village does have some commercial businesses.

Hanover was named for the hometown of Henry Wickman, who came to the area from Hanover, Germany in 1836. A post office was established on December 13, 1837, with John Cruttenden as postmaster. Hanover was platted by George O. Bibbins, an early settler, in 1870, when two Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad lines crossed there, one from Jackson to Fort Wayne, and the other from Allegan to Dundee. At one time, the village had three railroad depots, two passenger depots, and one freight depot.

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