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Haslett, Michigan is an unincorporated community in northern Ingham County. Mostly in Meridian Charter Township, a portion of the community extends east into Williamston Township.

Haslett is adjacent to East Lansing to the west and southwest, and to the unincorporated community of Okemos to the south. To the north, it is bordered by Clinton County and Shiawassee County.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of the community include East Lansing, Williamston, Lansing, Mason, Webberville, Dansville, Perry, Morrice, Laingsburg, DeWitt, Dimondale, and Fowlerville, while the unincorporated communities of Okemos, Bath, and Shaftsburg are within ten miles of Haslett.

The Saginaw Highway (also known as Business I-69 and M-78) passes through the northwestern part of the community, while I-69 is north of Haslett, I-96 is south, US-127 is to the west, and M-43 touches the community in the southwest.

Originally known as Pine Lake, Lake Lansing is a 461-acre body of water in the north-central portion of the community. There are two public parks on the lake, both operated by the Ingham County Parks Department, and the Lake Lansing Boat Launch, on the north side of the lake, includes boat launch ramps, a picnic area, basketball court, powerboat washer, and paved parking.

Lake of the Hills, a smaller body of water west of Lake Lansing, is also completely within the boundaries of Haslett, and surrounded by the Lake of the Hills Golf Course, Hillbrook Park, and Murphy Elementary School. The community includes several other bodies of water, smaller than either of the named lakes. The Red Cedar River runs just south of the community.

When Haslett was first settled in the early part of the 19th century, it was a wilderness with no roads. The first road through the community, known as State Road, was constructed in 1839, and resulted in an influx of new settlers.

Built in 1859, the first school had a student body of nineteen, and was in session for four months at a time. Until 1879, there were never more than thirty-eight students in attendance at one time. Later, the original school building was moved and renamed Pine Lake School, after the lake now known as Lake Lansing.

A post office was established on May 14, 1879, and named Pine Lake. Edward Elliott was the first postmaster. The post office was located next to the Grand Trunk Western Railroad line, which had reached the area in June of that year.

In 1890, the post office and railroad station were renamed Haslett Park, for James and Sarah Haslett, who had founded the Nemoka Spiritualist Camp on the shores of Pine Lake, bringing thousands of spiritualists for summer meetings, readings, lectures, and seances. Its name was shortened to Haslett in 1895. The Haslett's had hoped to establish the camp as the national headquarters for the spiritualist movement. However, his death in 1891 and the decline of the spiritualist movement prompted his widow to sell the land to the Haslett Park Association in 1898.

The new owners remarketed the land as a destination for summer recreation, later adding a figure-8 wooden roller coaster and carnival rides, establishing the Lake Lansing Amusement Park. The Lansing Trolley provided passenger transportation from Lansing to the amusement park. Many of the current parks and recreational facilities surrounding the lake were established by the Haslett Park Association. The amusement park operated from 1934 to 1974, largely at the site of what is now Lake Lansing Park South.

In 2000, Haslett became a census-designated place, with established boundaries, although the designation holds no municipal significance. Its population in 2000 was 11,283. In 2010, it was 19,220. While unincorporated, the community has its own school district and post office, although portions of the CDP are served by post offices in East Lansing, Okemos, and Williamston.

The city of Haslet, Texas was named after Haslett, Michigan, although with a slightly different spelling. The Texas locality was named for a railroad worker whose native town was Haslett, Michigan.

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