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Manufacturing and service industries in Hazel Park, Michigan are the focal point of topics in this category.

Like the rest of the country and state, Hazel Park was once largely agricultural, then industrial, and is now heavily dependent upon its service industries, although manufacturing still plays a significant role in its economy.

Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials into parts or components, or of producing a finished product from parts or components, whatever the product might be. Manufacturing facilities would fit into this category, of course, but so would home construction.

Service industries are more difficult to define, but they may include the distribution of products, financial services and insurance, and a variety of business services, such as accounting, advertising and marketing, web design, legal services, and utilities.

In a broad sense, retail stores could fall under the heading of a service industry but, for the purposes of categorization here, we would list retail under Places to Shop, just as we were sort health services into a Health & Public Safety category, and transportation into a Getting From Here to There category.

Unless a more specific category exists, manufacturing and service industries in Hazel Park, Michigan will be listed in this category.



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