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The focal point of this guide is on attractions and events in Houghton, Michigan.

While Houghton played a significant role in the copper industry in Copper Country from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, the tourism and outdoor recreation sectors have increased in importance during recent decades.

Examples of the types of resources that might be found here may include Houghton museums and historical places, libraries, art galleries, theaters, and entertainment venues, as well as websites representing local parks, sports teams, programs, and facilities, whether operated through the municipal government, school system, university, or private organization. Houghton concerts, festivals, and other events may also be listed here.

Local examples might include the Mineral Museum of Michigan, which is located on the campus of Michigan Tech. The Carnegie Museum is also in Houlton. arks and recreational areas in Houghton include Nara Nature Park, North Canal Township Park, Waterfront Park, and Michigan Tech Trails. The headquarters of Isle Royale National Park is located in downtown Houghton, with ferry and seaplane access. The city owns and operates about a hundred and fifty acres of parks, waterfront, green space, and recreation facilities.

Owned by the city, Dee Stadium is one of the oldest operating ice rinks in the world, and the birthplace of professional hockey in the United States. There is also the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena.

Patterned after the Old Quincy Mineshaft, the Mine Shaft & Rock House is actually a bowling alley, miniature golf course, and arcade. Situated in the Copper Country Mall, Respawn Tactical Laser Tag features different multiplayer modes, pitting team against team.

These are just a few examples of what Houghton has to offer. Attractions, events, and recreational or sports opportunities in Houghton are the focus of this guide.



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