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This portion of our guide will include online resources for topics related to faith, religion, and spirituality in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

These terms are often used as if they were synonyms, but each has its own unique definitions, although they are related.

Spirituality is more abstract and subjective than either faith or religion and, although it is often used to denote a connection to God, its use may also allude to a connection to nature, to others, or to a blending of different religious and philosophical traditions. In a theological context, however, spirituality is generally expressed through various religious practices, such as rituals, and through a particular worldview.

Religion is a reference to the values and practices relating to a particular group of people or organized religion. Religion is guided by traditions, rules, and culture. The chief religion in Iron Mountain is Christianity, and its most common denomination is Roman Catholicism.

Faith is more personal, subjective, and deeper than organized religion, and is most often associated with religion and spirituality. In theological terms, faith might be defined as a strong belief and trust in God.

The primary focus of this portion of our guide will consist of links to websites representing ministries and places of worship in Iron Mountain, Michigan, and these will be largely to local Christian churches, as no other religions are significantly represented locally, although those representing any place of worship or ministry in Iron Mountain would be appropriate for this category.



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