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Issues of faith, religion, and spirituality in Kalamazoo, Michigan are the focus of topics in this portion of our guide.

For the most part, this will be represented by links to various places of worship and religious ministries in Kalamazoo, and most of these will be Christian churches, since Christianity is the predominant religion in the city.

According to a recent survey, residents of Kalamazoo are slightly less religious than those in the average Michigan community, and considerably less religious than in the typical US locality. While 41.9% of Michigan residents and 49.4% of United States participants cited an affiliation with a particular religion, only 38.7% of respondents in Kalamazoo identified themselves as being religious.

Of these, the majority of Kalamazooians cited an affiliation with a Protestant denomination or non-denominational Protestant church that wasn't included in the survey, but these were divided among a variety of denominations and churches. The most common identified religion or denomination were made up of the Catholics, who were followed closely by the Presbyterians, and distantly by the Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Mormons, and Episcopalians, but those who identified with Islam, Judaism, or various Eastern religions were also represented, albeit by smaller numbers.

Online resources representing any ministries or places of worship in Kalamazoo are appropriate for this category, regardless of the particular religion or denomination.

Other topics associated with faith, religion, or spirituality in Kalamazoo may also be found here. In Christianity, faith denotes a belief and trust in God, as revealed in Jesus Christ, and is the means to salvation and eternal life. In other religions or contexts, the definition may differ.

There are several religions in the world, but those primarily represented in Kalamazoo include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.

Spirituality is more difficult to define because the definitions have evolved considerably over the years, and they tend to differ in accordance with the religious perspective or context. Historically, varieties of spiritualities have been related to different religious traditions, largely taking shape through rituals and practices. In the context of Christianity, spirituality is represented by living the Christian life.



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