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The focal point of this portion of our guide is on manufacturing and service industries in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Both manufacturing and service industries are significant sectors of the Kalamazoo economy. Manufacturing refers to the production of goods that are used and consumed by the customer, or end-user, while service industries are those that do not produce goods but provide services.

Manufacturing industries are fairly straightforward, including companies that produce products that are sold to wholesalers or retailers, who offer them on the open market at a profit. Manufacturing generally involves heavy investment of capital, machinery, and personnel.

Somewhere in between manufacturing and service industries are construction services, whose products are homes or other buildings used for commercial, public, or industrial uses. Of course, construction companies also provide services, such as construction design and management, as well as repairs.

In service industries, there is no production of goods or tangible outputs, and the intangible outputs are often used and consumed quickly by customers.

Examples of service industries include advertising and marketing services, web design, search engine optimization, graphic design, and photography services, as well as traditional print and broadcast media advertising. Event planning services in Kalamazoo could also be listed here.

Others include funeral services, legal services, banking and other financial services, such as accounting, tax preparation, insurance, mortgages, and financial consulting services.

Contractors, which may include local electricians, HVAC services, home inspections, interior design, architectural services, landscaping, plumbing, home painting services, and housecleaning services, can be listed here, along with relocation services, self-storage, and utilities, whether private or public.



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