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Kawkawlin, Michigan is an unincorporated community along M-13, just south of the Kawkawlin River, and north of the area where M-13 and South Huron Road split off.

Other routes entering or leaving the community includes Old Kawkawlin Road and Monitor Road. As an unincorporated community, Kawkawlin does not have defined boundaries, but the residential area between Wheeler Road and South Huron Road would also be considered part of the community.

The community is in north Monitor Township, in Bay County, just south of its border with Kawkawlin Township. Cities and villages within twenty miles of Kawkawling include Essexville, Bay City, Auburn, Zilwaukee, Pinconning, Saginaw, and Midland. Several unincorporated communities are within ten miles of the community. These include Lagoon Beach, Three Churches Corner, Tobico Beach, Little Killarney Beach, Donahue Beach, Aplin Beach, Brissette Beach, Linwood Beach, Frankenlust, Linwood, North Williams, Seidlers, Willard, Amelith, and Beaver.

The first European-Americans settled around a water-powered mill established by James Fraser around 1855, and later operated by O.A. Ballou. A steam-powered mill was established in the same area by Frederick A. Kaiser shortly afterward.

In 1868, the townsite was platted for O.A. Ballou, John Sutherland, Dennis Stanton, and others, and Mr. Stanton became the first postmaster for the community on March 6, 1868. However, the community was never incorporated as a village.

The Jackson, Lansing & Saginaw (which later became the Midwest Central Railroad) came through in 1871, crossing the Kawkawlin Rover over a small drawbridge, which was replaced by a regular bridge in 1900. The railroad established a station, which led to the community being alternatively known as Kawkawlin Station. The railroad is still active in the community, with the Lake State Railway serving Greene's Gas Company through two sidetracks at Kawkawling since 2020.

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