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Kearsarge, Michigan is situated along US-41, between Laurium and Copper City, on the Keweenaw Peninsula, in the northern Upper Peninsula.

As an unincorporated community, Kearsarge does not have defined boundaries, but its settlement area is largely along the west side of the highway, Church Street and Railroad Street, which generally parallel the highway to the east, as well as School Street and Mine Street, which connect the highway to Church Street and Railroad Street.

Wolverine Location is now considered to be part of the Kearsarge community. Developed around the Wolverine Mine, Wolverine Location is south-southwest of Kearsarge along US-41, extending several streets to the east, with several small streets south of Smith Avenue.

Both Kearsarge and Wolverine Location are served by the Calumet post office and carry Calumet postal addresses.

There are several small villages and communities scattered throughout the largely rural area, most of them connected historically with that of a copper mine. The villages of Copper City, Ahmeek, Calumet, and Laurium are within three miles of Kearsarge, while the village of Lake Linden is less than seven miles away, and the cities of Hancock and Houghton are thirteen and sixteen miles from Kearsarge, respectively. The unincorporated communities of Bumbletown, Centennial, Centennial Heights, Ahmeek Location, Allouez, Tamarack, Swedetown, Mohawk, West Tamarack, Fulton, and Lakeview are all within five miles of Kearsarge.

Like most of the towns in this part of Michigan, the first Europeans or European-Americans probably came into the area in pursuit of trapping opportunities, or with the lumber industry, but the town itself was formed as housing for the workers of nearby copper mines.

While the European-American settlement of the area began in 1867, copper was discovered there in 1874, and the Kearsarge Amygdaloid Mines began operations from 1882 to 1925, when some of its operations were closed, and the company ceased all operations by the mid-1950s.

A post office was established in Kearsarge on November 20, 1893, with Barnett S. Shearer as postmaster, and the post office operated until March 11, 1966. The community was named for the U.S.S. Kearsarge by a former naval officer who became an employee of the Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Copper Company. To serve the copper industry, the Hancock & Calumet Railroad established a station in Kearsarge.

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a large memorial to the Civil War naval ship out of stones, although it bears little resemblance to the actual Mohican-class sloop of war that it was intended to represent.

Wolverine Location developed around the Wolverine Mine, a copper mining operation that operated from 1882 to 1884, reopening under new ownership from 1890 to 1922. Although it has a larger, more pronounced, settlement area than Kearsarge, Wolverine Location was never platted and has never had a post office. It did have a small railroad station operated by the Houghton County Transit interurban line.

Since the two locations are less than a half-mile from one another, Wolverine Location is generally considered to be a neighborhood of Kearsarge, although it does appear as a separate community on many maps.

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