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The Village of Kent City, Michigan is in northwest Kent County. Surrounded by Tyrone Township, its borders almost touch Casnovia to the west.

M-46 (Muskegon Street) intersects with M-37 in the western portion of the village, then runs concurrently with M-37 as they leave the village to the northwest. Ball Creek Road runs (southeast-northwest), parallel to M-37, intersecting M-37 nearer to the center of the village.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Kent City are Casnovia, Sparta, Cedar Springs, Grant, Ravenna, Sand Lake, Walker, Newaygo, Rockford, Pierson, Coopersville, and Grand Rapids.

Although the village was platted for John W. Thompson in 1870, it wasn't founded until 1873. On February 11 of that year, a post office was opened, with Charles H. Barrett as the postmaster. Originally named Ball Creek, the post office was closed on September 25, less than eight months later, but was reopened on November 12, 1873, and renamed Kent City on October 3, 1876.

Incorporated as a village in 1908, it was named for the county, which was itself named for James Kent, a New York jurist who represented Michigan Territory in its dispute with Ohio over the Toledo Strip.

The village is primarily residential, with its central business district along Peach Ridge Avenue and 17 Mile Road, and other commercial development at M-37 and 17 Mile Road, and elsewhere along M-37.

The village offices, which include a meeting hall and office space, are at 83 Spring Street. The Tyrone Township offices are located in the village, at 28 East Muskegon Street.

With a population of just over one thousand, the village government provides for police protection and law enforcement through an agreement with the Kent County Sheriff's Department, while emergency medical services are provided by a private ambulance company and the Township and Village Fire Department, which is operated by the township through an agreement with Kent City.

The village maintains its own Department of Public Works, which operates and maintains the village's sanitary sewer system, streets, and parks. Kent City Community Schools provides educational services for preschool children and K-12 students, and operates an elementary school campus that hosts the district's preschool and K-5th grades, a middle school for 6-8th-grade students, and a high school campus for 9-12th-grade students. The district serves the village as well as Tyrone Township, Casnovia, and other areas.

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