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Situated about eight miles from the tip of the Thumb Region of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, the village of Kinde overlaps Dwight Township and Lincoln Township, and a small portion of the village extends into Meade Township, in Huron County. The village abuts Hume Township to the west.

The chief route through the village is Kinde Road (Main Street), which runs in an east-west direction through the center of town. Except for a small portion south of Kinde Road, M-53 (Van Dyke Road) forms the village's western boundary, while Crockard Road forms its eastern boundary.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Kinde include Port Austin, Bad Axe, Port Hope, Caseville, and Elkton, while the unincorporated communities of Filion, Pinnebog, Glencoe, and Port Crescent are within ten miles of the village.

With a peak population of 624 in 1960, Kinde has never been a large town. Its current population is just over four hundred, with only a few streets running north, south, and parallel to Main Street.

Kinde was founded in 1884 as a railroad stop along the Huron & Northwestern Railroad (Pere Marquette), and quickly became a regional agricultural hub. A post office was opened in the general store operated by John Kinde on December 7, 1885, and Mr. Kinde became the postmaster and namesake of the community. By 1998, Kinde was a regular station stop for passenger trains. Its station had a daytime operator/agent, and a 24-care siding. Besides the general store and railroad station, Kinde had a lumber yard and a grain elevator, both owned by John Kinde. Kinde was incorporated as a village in 1903.

Once promoting itself as the Bean Capital of the World, highlighting Michigan bean soup as a longtime staple in the United States Senate in the form of Senate bean soup. Nevertheless, the Michigan Bean Festival is held in Fairgrove, more than fifty miles southwest of Kinde. However, Kinde hosts the annual Kinde Polka Fest each September. The non-profit Friends of Kinde partners with the K-12 school system and local businesses to sponsor the community event.

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