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Laingsburg, Michigan is situated in west Shiawassee County, at its border with east Clinton County, and surrounded by Sciota Township and Victor Township.

Diamond Lake is located in the western portion of the city, and the Looking Glass River flows through a portion of the city in the southwest. Pine Hills Golf Course is in the northeastern part of the city, Bates Scout Park is in the northwest, and McClintock Park is downtown.

Grand River Road is the main route through the city. Others include Alward Road, Doyle Road, Laingsburg Road, Leland Road, Meridian Road, and Woodbury Road.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Laingsburg include Ovid, Perry, Morrice, DeWitt, East Lansing, Elsie, Owosso, Bancroft, Williamston, Corunna, St. Johns, Durand, and Lansing. The Laingsburg post office covers an area larger than the city, including parts of Sleepy Hollow State Park and Lake Ovid to the northeast.

In the 1600s, an Ojibwe village known as Wassololo was located where Laingsburg is now, although the village was no longer inhabited when the first European-Americans came. When the first European-American settlers came to the region, what is now Grand River Road was more of a trail, following the Looking Glass River and passing through several towns connected by the river, known as Round Lake Road in some areas. The community was founded and named for Dr. Peter Laing, who opened a tavern at the corner of what is now Grand River Road and Fenner Road in 1836. The tavern served as a stagecoach stop.

Before long other taverns and hotels followed. On November 2, 1841, a post office was opened, with Henry Smith as postmaster. On July 8, 1854, the post office was renamed Nebraska. However, when the Jackson, Lansing & Northern Railroad (Michigan Central) came through in 1860, the railroad station took the community's former name of Laingsburg, and the post office changed its name back to Laingsburg on February 4, 1862.

In 1871, Laingsburg was incorporated as a village, and it became a city in 1951. When Laingsburg first appeared on a census roll in 1880, its population was 616, and it currently has a population of nearly 1,300. Over the years, the community experienced a slight decline in 1920 and 1980, but has otherwise enjoyed a slow but steady increase.

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