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Situated on the east shore of Lake Missaukee, Lake City, Michigan is the seat of government for Missaukee County.

The city is ensconced between Caldwell, Lake, Reeder, and Forest townships. M-55 (West Houghton Lake Road) forms a portion of the city's northern border as it enters from the east, while M-66 (North Morey Road) approaches the city from the north, merging with M-55 as both of them run south through the city, where they are also known as North Main Street and South Lakeshore Drive. Other routes from the city include Beeler Road and Davis Road.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Lake City include Manton, Cadillac, McBain, and Marion.

Originally a lumber and agricultural town, tourism is now the chief driver of the city's economy, largely centered around Lake Missaukee, as well as the several other lakes to the west, northwest, and north of the city limits. Additionally, several snowmobile and ATV trails come together in Lake City, which draws visitors during all seasons.

Although Lake City experienced population declines for a couple of decades in the early 1900s, it has mostly enjoyed steady increases, with slight declines in 1960, 1970, and 2010. Its peak population was 923 in 2000.

The first European-American settler in the area was Daniel Reeder, who came in 1868 and built a log cabin beside the lake, which was then known as Muskrat Lake. The community that sprung up along the lake was originally known as Reeder, and Daniel Reeder became the first postmaster on January 22, 1872.

Until 1873, the county seat was at Falmouth. However, in June of that year, an election was held that selected Reeder as the new seat of government for the county, a decision that passed by one vote.

The town was renamed Lake City when the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad opened a station there, serving a branch line that went east from Missaukee Junction about twenty-five miles to the west side of Houghton Lake, in Roscommon County. Although Lake City wasn't on the branch, the railroad built a one-mile spur that ran along the east side of Lake Missaukee at Sandstown, connecting it to its line.

The post office was renamed Lake City on January 25, 1877, and the townsite was platted and incorporated as a village in 1889, becoming a city in 1932.

The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad was acquired by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1918, and the Cadillac & Lake City Railway began operations in 1964 over the former Pennsylvania Railroad tracks between Cadillac and Lake City, Michigan, later expanding to other areas before ceasing operations in 1988.

Lake City public school students are served by Lake City Area Schools, which offers a PK-12th-grade curriculum through Lake City Schools Pre-K, Lake City Elementary School, Lake City Middle School, Lake City High School, and Lake City Virtual Academy.

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