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Surrounded by LeRoy Township to the north, west, and south, and by Rose Lake Township to the east, LeRoy, Michigan is a small village in Osceola County.

LeRoy is bounded by 16 Mile Road, 15 Mile Road, 180th Avenue, and 190th Avenue to the north, south, east, and west, respectively. LeRoy Road runs east-west through the center of the village, and the Mackinaw Trail runs roughly northeast from the southwest corner of the village and forms a small portion of the eastern border to the north.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of LeRoy include Tustin, Luther, Reed City, Cadillac, Hersey, and Marion.

While the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad was being constructed through the area in 1871, James E. Bevins, Charles G. Westfall, Samuel L. Kimball, James M. Brown, and H.C. Booth selected the site for various businesses. In 1872, the village was platted by James E. Bevins.

On January 3, 1872, a post office was established, with Samuel L. Kimball as the first postmaster. On February 2, 1873, the village was incorporated and named for the township, which had itself been named for LeRoy Carr, the land agent who represented the federal government in the area.

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