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Situated in southwest Montmorency County, the unincorporated community of Lewiston, Michigan includes West Twin Lake and East Twin Lake.

West Twin Lake is a 1,313-acre body of water and is about 28-feet deep at its deepest point. East Twin Lake is an 830-acre body of water, about 25-feet deep at its deepest point. Founded in the early 1980s, the Twin Lakes Property Owners Association promotes the stewardship of both lakes, organizing programs to protect the quality of the water.

While unincorporated communities in Michigan are generally without defined boundaries, Lewiston is also a census-designated place, which includes boundaries set off for statistical purposes. The CDP is bordered by Albert Township to the north and east, by Charlton Township to the west, and Greenwood Township to the south.

In 1891, Lewiston was platted by Lewis Jensen, one of the managers of the Michelson Hanson Lumber Company. Originally, the settlement was known as Lewie's Town.

The company operated logging, shingling, and planing mills along the shores of East Twin Lake. The company opened a general store after the Michigan Central Railroad came through the area, as well as three hotels, and some restaurants and saloons, to accommodate its employees and their families.

The lumber company left Lewie's Town in 1910 after the surrounding pine forest had neared depletion. Hardwoods took the place of the pines, and they were logged by the Kneeland-Bigelow Company until 1929, and the timber was shipped by the Michigan Central Railroad to Bay City, where there were two sawmills.

A post office was established on April 25, 1892, with a druggist, Frederick L. Barker as postmaster. At that time, the town's name was changed to Lewiston.

As the lumber industry declined, Cephas Buttles began buying up land, later selling it as farmland, advertising land sales throughout the Midwest, and even in Finland and Sweden.

After World War II, people began buying land along the lakes, building cottages and cabins, many of which were rented to tourists and summer vacationers.

Lewiston is in the northern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The chief routes through the community are Country Roads 612 and 489, and North Red Oak Road. The nearest incorporated city or village is Gaylord, about twenty-seven miles northwest, but the incorporated communities of Vienna Corners, Lovells, and Johannesburg are about nine miles, twelve miles, and fourteen miles away, respectively.

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