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The village of Lincoln, Michigan spans Gustin Township and Hawes Township, in Alcona County.

Encompassing an area of just over one square mile, the northern portion of the village is in Hawes Township, while its southern portion is in Gustin Township. Both Brownlee Lake and Lincoln Lake are mostly within the village limits. Trask Lake is just outside the village limits to the west, while Crystal Lake is to the east of the village.

Brownlee Lake is a 90.4-acre body of water with a public beach and boat launch. A residential subdivision surrounds nearly half of the lake, which is also used for wildlife viewing, boating, fishing, canoeing, sailing, swimming, ice fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and winter motorcycle racing. Lincoln Lake is a 71-acre body of water in the western part of the village.

The chief routes to and through the village are North Barlow Road, which forms the village's eastern border, as well as Trask Lake Road (Main Street) and Somers Road. M-72 is south of Lincoln, and connected to it by North Somers Road and North Barlow Road.

The city of Harrisville, just over seven miles southeast of Lincoln, is the only other incorporated city or village within twenty-five miles of the village, the next closest being Alpena, which is about twenty-five miles north. However, the unincorporated communities of Gustin, Killmaster, Springport, and Alcona are within ten miles of Lincoln.

Like several other Michigan communities, Lincoln has its origins as a lumber community. Settled by European-Americans in 1885, the community was first known as West Harrisville, for its location west of the existing settlement of Harrisville. The Detroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad opened a station in 1886, the year that the townsite was platted.

The West Harrisville Depot is the last remaining depot of its type in northeastern Michigan. Now owned by the Lincoln Downtown Development Authority, the depot was named a Michigan Historic Site in 1998, and is the home of Depot Days, an annual fundraising event sponsored by the Alcona Historical Society.

A post office was established in 1887, with William C. Reynolds as the first postmaster. The post office retained the name of West Harrisville until June 24, 1899, when it was renamed Lincoln, and the rest of the town followed suit.

Lincoln was incorporated as a village in 1907. At that time, it had two general stores, three grocery stores, a meat market, doctor's office, livery stable, flour mill, hotel, and two churches. The village has always been small, with a peak population of 441 in 1960, and a current population of just over three hundred.

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