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Surrounded by Fenton Township, the city of Linden, Michigan is in lower Genesee County.

The Shiawassee River flows through the center of the city, which is surrounded by several lakes on the north, south, southeast, and east, including Byram Lake, Crane Lake, Loon Lake, Marl Lake, Otter Lake, Pine Lake, Lake Ponemah, Shiawassee Lake, Silver Lake, Squaw Lake, and Tupper Lake. The Spring Meadows Country Club occupies the northeastern portion of the city, and Linden County Park is between Byram Lake and Pine Lake, abutting the city in the south.

The chief routes to and through the city include Linden Road (Bridge Street), Ripley Road, Rolston Road, and Silver Lake Road (Broad Street). US-23 runs north-south east of Linden.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of the city include Fenton, Holly, Byron, Gaines, Swartz Creek, Grand Blanc, Flint, Durand, Bancroft, Lennon, Burton, Goodrich, Ortonville, and Vernon.

Although the southern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula was largely settled by European-Americans by the turn of the 19th century, the land between Detroit north to St. Ignace were unsettled due to its wilderness, swamps, rivers, and the lack of roads.

However, in the 1820s, settlers began coming to the area seeking timber and fertile farmlands. Due to the need for power to operate mills, townsites were selected along rivers and large streams that could be dammed to furnish water power. For this reason, Linden was located at a bend in the Shiawassee River.

Mills were opened along the river to support the lumber industry. James Murray was the first to begin construction of a mill in 1835, and Richard and Perry Lamb settled in the area that same year. Perry's father-in-law, Zenas Fairbank, opened the first doctor's office there in 1836. Other early settlers included Asahel Ticknor, Consider Warner, Eben Harris, Seth Sadler, and Abell D. Hunt.

Warner and Harris became partners in a business that included a sawmill, a gristmill, a dry goods store, and a drug store. A daughter of Abel D. Hunt began teaching school in a small building in front of the Warner/Harris gristmill in 1839. The following year, a permanent school building was constructed, and taught by Walter Brown.

Warner and Harris platted the townsite in 1840, and the community became known as Warner Mills. That same year, Warner opened The Exchange, the community's first hotel. The Warner and Harris mills burned in early 1850, and the land was acquired by Seth Sadler and Samuel Warren, who rebuilt the sawmill and gristmill that same year.

On September 23, 1851, a post office was established as Linden, with Claudius W. Thompson as postmaster. The post office, and later the town, were named for the linden tree.

When the Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad extended its tracks through Linden, between Detroit and Grand Rapids, a station stop was opened in Linden. The D&MR later became the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. The railroad gave businesses access to shipping and to new customers. This prompted the establishment of new industries, such as a horse-drawn buggy factory operated by the Beach Brothers. In 1858, a foundry was opened by Stephen Clark, and the Union Block was built by A.B. Hyatt and James Mosher in 1870, which included eight stores. In 1860, a Presbyterian church was established in a vacant storefront, and its church was constructed in 1863.

Linden was incorporated as a village in 1871, and became a city in 1988.

The Sadler and Warren gristmill operated until 1956, when the building was acquired by the city to be renovated as a library and municipal building. In 1976, the Linden Mills Historical Society opened in the building. Also in 1956, the West Side Family Golf & Country Club Committee purchased a 245-acre cornfield and pasture, on which the Spring Meadows Country Club opened in 1959.

Linden's population dropped in 1890 and 1900, probably due to a depletion of available timber, it has increased steadily since, although it is predicted to drop slightly when the 2020 census is released.

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