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The focus of this portion of our guide is on the unincorporated communities of Linwood and Linwood Beach, Michigan, as the latter is often considered to be part of the former.

Both are unincorporated communities along or near Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron, in the eastern Lower Peninsula. Linwood is concentrated a little west of the bay, although the area to the east, along the bay, would also be considered part of the community. Linwood Beach is a smaller community south of Linwood, but situated along the bay.

Linwood straddles Fraser Township to the north, and Kawkawlin Township to the south, while Linwood Beach is in Kawkawlin Township.

The two communities are connected by Linwood Beach Road, and less than two miles apart. Other routes serving the community include M-13 (Huron Road), Linwood Road, Kaiser Tower Road, Elevator Road, and Cottage Grove Road.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Linwood include Pinconning, Essexville, Auburn, Bay City, and Standish, while Brissette Beach, Meyers Beach, Three Churches Corner, and Almeda Beach are unincorporated communities within ten miles of Linwood.

Linwood was founded when the Mackinaw Division of the Michigan Central Railroad established a station there in 1872. It was then known as Terry's Station, for James G. Terry, who managed Terry, Seely, & Company, a local lumber operation, and served as the first postmaster for the community when a post office was opened on February 21, 1872. The post office closed on February 16, 1874, and was reopened on July 6, 1877, at which time it was renamed Linwood, a reference to its wooded terrain and its position on the line between the two townships. The railroad station was then renamed Linwood Park.

Today, the Linwood post office serves the northern part of Kawkawlin Township and Beaver Township, and the southern portions of Fraser Township and Garfield Township.

Saginaw Bay is popular for perch and walleye fishing, making both Linwood and Linwood Beach a destination for summer fishermen, and the communities include bars, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, and a marina to serve fishermen and other visitors, as well as the small year-round population.



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