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Situated in Monroe County, in the southeastern Lower Peninsula, the city of Luna Pier, Michigan is about six miles from the Ohio border.

The main route to and from the city is I-75, which serves a long portion of its northwestern border. Others include M-151 (Luna Pier Road), Gaynier Road, and Erie Road. Harold Drive serves as the city's main thoroughfare, although it exists solely within the city limits.

Incorporated cities and villages within twenty miles of Luna Pier include Monroe, Petersburg, and Estral Beach, in Michigan, as well as Toledo, Harbor View, and Ottawa Hills, in Ohio. The unincorporated communities of North Shores, Grand View, La Salle, and Lost Peninsula are within ten miles of Luna Pier.

Luna Pier is bounded on the east by Lake Erie, to the north by the southern portion of Allen's Cove, and to the south by the northern portion of North Maumee Bay. The city is named for its most prominent feature, a crescent-shaped concrete pier that reaches out into Lake Erie, flanked by sandy beaches and rock and concrete embankments.

Incorporated as a city in 1963, Luna Pier is one of the state's newer municipalities. Prior to its incorporation, it was an unincorporated community governed by Erie Township.

A key factor to its development aside from the more rural township was its location on the interurban line from Toledo. These electric passenger cars on rails were popular in and near the larger cities during the first few decades of the 20th century. As roads were often undependable, the interurban lines were a comfortable means of travel from city to city, or to the suburbs and nearby vacation destinations, and Luna Pier was along the line that connected Toledo and Detroit. Thus, the Detroit United Railway brought vacationers to Luna Pier from Detroit, Toledo, and points in between.

Originally known as Lakeside, a post office was established on October 31, 1929, with Mrs. Grace Baker as postmaster. The community became known as Luna Pier when a commercial pier was built out over Lake Erie, attracting thousands of people as well as well-known entertainment acts.

The original pier collapsed under the weight of ice in 1946, and could not be rebuilt due to wartime restrictions on the availability of steel. Another popular attraction, the Luna Pier Tavern, was destroyed by fire in 1954.

At one time, Luna Pier was served by the Canadian National Railway, although its trains quit running through the city when the J.R. Whiting Generating Plant closed in April of 2016. The Norfolk Southern Railway also has tracks through the city, but is not currently serving any industries along that line.

Fluctuating water levels on Lake Erie, as well as storms, have led to periods of major flooding. in the area. In 1963, water levels were so low that swimming and boating activities were adversely impacted. In other years, seasonal high water levels have flooded its streets. Severe water damage resulted from a flood in the fall of 1972, resulting from gale-force winds causing waves as high as twelve feet.

Fire and EMS services are provided by the Luna Pier Fire Department. Staffed by volunteers, the department operates two fire trucks and two ambulance vehicles, operating out of the Luna Pier Fire Station on Luna Pier Road, just west of Harold Drive.

Originally known as Rasey Memorial Library, the Luna Pier Library is now part of the Monroe County Library System.

With a current population of just under 1,400 people, Luna Pier's peak population was 1,507 in 1990. The city consists largely of single-family homes, with a couple of multi-family structures. Its commercial areas are largely along Luna Pier Road, and its primary industrial area is in the southern third of the city, although the former J.R. Whiting Generating Plant was the primary occupant of this area.

There are three areas representing public parks and open spaces, including the Erie State Game Area to the north, the Luna Pier Elementary School Park, and Luna Pier Memorial Park near Lake Erie. The Luna Pier Harbour Club is a private marina with access to Lake Erie through the LaPointe Drain. The 23-acre marina provides launching facilities, dockage, and winter storage facilities. Opened in 1987, it hosts professional fishing charters.

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