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Although Mackinaw City has a year-round population of only around eight hundred, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Michigan.

Because its population swells during the tourist season, and because it also enjoys year-round visitors, the village supports several restaurants and bars, which serve locals as well as guests, and these are the focus of this category.

Besides their business names, these businesses may be known by a variety of names, including bakeries, bar and grills, barbecue places, bars, BBQs, bistros, burger shops, cabarets, cafes, cafeterias, chain restaurants, coffee bars, coffee houses, coffee shops, diners, drive-ins, drive-in restaurants, family diners, fast-food restaurants, hamburger stands, hotdog stands, ice cream shops, inns, lunch counters, luncheonettes, nightclubs, pizza places, pizzerias, pubs, restaurants, roadhouses, saloons, snack bars, steakhouses, taverns, yogurt bars, yogurt shops, and probably some others.

Whatever the name or business model, places to eat or drink are the focus of this portion of our guide. Retail locations, such as grocery stores and liquor stores, would be more appropriately placed in a Places to Shop category.



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