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The focus of this category is on manufacturing and service industries within the village of Manchester, Michigan.

Manufacturing plants within the village are, of course, suitable for this portion of our guide, regardless of the size of the company or the nature of the product. Construction companies and other contractors, such as electricians, HVAC services, interior designers, architects, landscapers, house painters, and plumbers, may also be listed here, along with cleaning services, movers, and storage companies.

Auto repair companies, autobody shops, and other repair or maintenance services in Manchester might be found here. Software companies and business consultants would also be appropriate here if they have a physical presence in Manchester.

Other resources that could be listed here may include those of Manchester web design firms, advertising and marketing companies, graphic designers, photographers, printing companies, and publishers, as well as attorneys and law firms, banks, credit unions, accountants, actuaries, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, and financial consultants. Funeral homes in Manchester could also be listed here.

For the purpose of categorization, we have elected to sort some service industries, such as retail and transportation services, in separate categories.



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