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Restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, and other places to eat in Manistique, Michigan are the focus of this category.

Given the city's position on the western shores of Lake Michigan, and its proximity to the Manistique River, Indian Lake, and several significant local, state, and federal parks, Manistique receives a large number of visitors year-round.

Additionally, the major route through the city, US Highway 2, is a major highway that crosses the northern continental United States, from Maine to Washington State. US-2 runs through the Upper Peninsula in two segments as part of the state trunkline highway system, entering the state at Ironwood and ending at St. Ignace, passing into Wisconsin. US-2 is a major conduit for traffic through the UP and neighboring Midwest states, so Manistique also sees a significant amount of through traffic.

Serving visitors to the community, travelers passing through, and Manistique residents, the city supports several restaurants and other places to eat or drink, which are the focus of this category.



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