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Manton, Michigan is in the northeast quadrant of Wexford County, in the Northern Michigan part of the Lower Peninsula.

The chief route to or from the city is US-131, which runs north-south just outside of its eastern city limits. M-42 enters the city from the west, where it becomes Main Street, turns south at its intersection with Business-131, and then turns east to exit the city in its southeast quadrant. Other cities and villages within twenty miles of Manton include Cadillac, Fife Lake, Lake City, Mesick, and Kingsley.

Manton Creek flows through the center of town, forming Mill Pond in the northwest, and another widened body of water in the easttern part of the city.

An Old Order Amish colony was established near Manton in the early 1990s. Affiliated with the Amish community in Smyrna, Maine, the community is more open to people who want to join the Amish than many other Old Order Amish communities.

European-American settlement of the area began in the 1860s, at which time it was a heavily wooded hard maple forest with a narrow cut, which is where the town was platted.

George Manton, Ezra Harger, and William Meares came to the area in 1872, platting the townsite as Cedar Creek, which was then the name of the creek now known as Manton Creek. However, when the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad established a station there, it platted an adjoining piece of land as Manton, as it had already named its station Manton Station, and Manton soon absorbed Cedar Creek, and the creek itself later took the name of Manton Creek. The town was named for the early settler, George Manton, who was also the largest landowner and postmaster, when a post office was established on January 3, 1873.

Manton was incorporated as a village in 1877, and became a city in 1923.

The Wexford County seat of government, originally in Sherman, was moved to Manton in 1881, the result of a compromise between Cadillac and Sherman. However, Cadillac won the county seat in April of 1882. In what became known as the Battle of Manton, a sheriff's posse left Cadillac for Manton the day after the election to seize the county records, and were driven from town by an angry crowd of Manton residents. Upon his return to Cadillac, the sheriff encountered a force of several hundred armed men, as well as a brass band. Bolstered by this strong force, the sheriff returned to Manton and was able to gain possession of the records.

Manton's population has remained stable over the years. A large decline in its population in 1920 was followed by an even larger increase in 1930, and currently has a population of more than 1,500, which represents its peak population thus far.

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