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Marion, Michigan is a little south of central Marion Township, in northeastern Osceola County.

The Middle Branch River flows through the Marion, forming a Mill Pond in the northern part of the village. The Mill Pond was created in 1876 when Christopher Clarke dammed the river to power a saw planing and lathe mill. This business spurred the growth of the community, producing siding, shingles, floor moldings, and barrels. During the decline of the lumber era, a fire destroyed the mill in 1909. In 1911, his wife, Marion Clarke, donated the land surrounding the dam to be used as a park.

The village was founded by Christopher Clarke and John Chadwick, who were instrumental in persuading the Pere Marquette Railroad to open a station there. They arranged for the townsite to be platted, naming it for Clarke's wife, Marion. Besides his mill operations, Clarke also operated a store in Marion, and the post office was originally set up in his store on January 27, 1880, with Christopher Clarke as postmaster. Marion was incorporated as a village in 1889.

The chief routes going through the village are 20 Mile Road (Main Street) and M-66 (Mill Street). which intersect downtown. Cities and villages within twenty miles of Marion include McBain, Tustin, Lake City, Cadillac, Evart, and Leroy.

Marion has maintained relatively steady growth since first appearing on a census roll in 1900 when its population was 741. A couple of decades of decline, beginning in 1920 with the slowing of the area's timber industry, were followed by significant increases in 1940 and 1950. Its peak population was 891 in 1970, but its current population is above 850.

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