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The primary focus of resources in this portion of our guide is on manufacturing and service industries in the city of Mason, Michigan.

Manufacturing is relatively easy to define, as it is the portion of the economy that produces tangible goods, generally known as products, which are offered for sale either directly to consumers or through various retail concerns.

Other goods-producing industries are agriculture, mining, and construction, each of which creates or brings access to a tangible object.

Service industries, on the other hand, provide services rather than tangible objects.

On a broad spectrum, service industries might be considered to be everything other than manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and construction. In our guide, however, we separate several service industries into categories of their own, such as Education & Instruction, Getting From Here to There, Health & Public Safety, Places to Eat, Places to Shop, Property Sales & Rentals, and Things to Do & Places to Go, wherever there are enough online resources to warrant the creation of these categories..

Appropriate topics for this category include, but are not necessarily limited to, advertising and marketing services in Mason, whether traditional print or broadcast advertising, website development, search engine optimization, graphic design, photography services, printing, and publishing services.

Farms, nurseries, and other agricultural services in Mason may be listed here, except that retail services would be in a Places to Shop category if one exists. Local attorneys and law firms, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, accountants, and financial consultants in Mason might be found here, as well.

Construction, maintenance and repair services in Mason are suitable here. This may include building design and build companies, building maintenance companies, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, interior designers, housecleaners, and handymen, as well as auto repair services, autobody shops, computer repair services, and others.

Funeral homes, event planners, employment agencies, and utility companies in Mason are also appropriate for this category.



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