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The Village of Maybee, Michigan is in southwest Exeter Township, Monroe County, in the southeastern Lower Peninsula.

The Robert Drain flows through the northern part of the village, feeding into Stony Creek, while the Antes Drain flows through the southern part of the village, connecting with Sandy Creek, which also enters the village.

There are no schools within the village limits. Rather, Maybee public school students attend either Monroe Public Schools or Dundee Community Schools.

No major roadways pass through the village. The chief routes are Maybee-Scofield Road, Bluebush Road, Baldwin Road, and Palmer Road. Other cities and villages within twenty miles of Maybee include Monroe, Carleton, Dundee, Milan, Petersburg, Flat Rock, South Rockwood, Deerfield, Britton, Estral Beach, Luna Pier, and Rockwood, while the unincorporated communities of Scofield, Grape, Ida, Oakville, Strasburg, and Diann.

With a current population of just over five hundred, Maybee has never been a large town, although its population has increased each decade since 1920. However, it is predicted to decline by about five percent when the 2020 census numbers are released.

Available documentation suggests that Abram Maybee came to Michigan with his father, Solomon, either in 1842 or in 1852. Upon the death of his father on March 26, 1864, Abram received sixty acres of land in Exeter Township.

At the age of thirty, Abram Maybee married Mary C. Moses on December 29, 1864. They had four children, three girls, and a boy, and later adopted another son.

In 1873, when Abram was thirty-nine, he and a man named Joseph Klotz decided to have the land they owned surveyed and platted as a village, as the Canada Southern Railway was in the process of being constructed through the area. This was done by Delos F. Wilcox, and the townsite was named for Abram Maybee. Soon Abram and Joseph were selling lots of lands, and they opened a sawmill together.

Abram retired in 1890 at the age of fifty-six. By the time of his death a couple of years later, he had built several homes, as well as a hotel. His partner, Joseph, came from a family of ten children, and he was nearly as active in village affairs as Abram. Seward Maybee, Abram's adopted son, was also involved in village affairs throughout his life, and is said to have kept a record of daily news and affairs, although its whereabouts are unknown.

Maybee was incorporated as a village in 1899. In 2013, a 546-acre parcel known as the Stoneco Quarry was added to the village.

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