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Melvin, Michigan is a small village in the Thumb Region of the Lower Peninsula. It is in Speaker Township, in lower Sanilac County.

The chief routes to and from the village are Galbraith Line Road and Melvin Road (Washington Street), which intersect in the center of the village. The small village has only a few side streets, including Alley Street, Garfield Street, Hancock Street, Railroad Street, some of which are only a block or so long.

Other cities and villages within twenty miles of Melvin are Yale, Peck, Brown City, Capac, Emmett, Croswell, Sandusky, and North Branch, although the unincorporated community of Valley Center is about two and a half miles to the west.

Melvin was formed to support the area timber industry in the early 1860s, which was bolstered when the Port Huron & Northwestern (Pere Marquette) Railroad extended its tracks through the Thumb Region, establishing a small station in Melvin.

The first building in Speaker Township was a saloon that was built in Melvin in 1862. A post office was established on November 7, 1874. As the post office was housed in his general store, Charles Dewey was the first postmaster.

By the late 1880s, the community was home to a sawmill, a grist mill, two general stores, a hotel, two blacksmith shops, a cabinet-making business, a shoemaker, and a cattle dealer.

Melvin was incorporated as a village in 1907. By that time, the village had a second hotel, two livery stables, a wagonmaker, a dressmaker, a drugstore, a grocery store, a hardware store, a bank, three churches, and a bicycle repair shop.

As with other Michigan towns, once the forests were depleted, the village's economy turned to agriculture, although that didn't support as many people. Farmers produced hay, livestock feed, and cider, and a creamery was opened. Due to the decline of the timber industry in the early 20th century, Melvin's peak population was in 1910, when it had a population of 242. In 2010, its population was 180.

Today, Melvin is still a small community. Each summer, the Melvin (Hog Town) Tavern hosts its annual Hog Town Run, which brings in motorcyclists from across the state and serves as a fundraiser for United Hospice Service at the hospital in Marlette. The motorcycle event begins at a local park in Melvin, and participants ride to the Hospice Residence at Marlette Regional Hospital, where they participate in a "blessing of the bikes." Registration includes a raffle ticket, participation in the run, bike games, and food.

In addition to the tavern, the village is home to a party store, a couple of churches, a fire department, and a post office. Melvin Village Park includes a basketball court, playground equipment, a pavilion, and bathrooms. Concerts and other outdoor events are sometimes held at the park.

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