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Surrounded by Jonesfield Township, the village of Merrill, Michigan is in northwestern Saginaw County.

The chief route to and through the village is M-46 (Saginaw Street), which is also known as Gratiot Road in this section of the Lower Peninsula. Merrill Road (Midland Street) intersects M-46 downtown. Other incorporated cities and villages within twenty miles of Merrill include Breckenridge, St. Louis, Alma, St. Charles, and Saginaw, although the unincorporated communities of Hemlock, Wheeler, and Iva are less than ten miles away.

The area upon which Merrill was founded was wilderness until the Saginaw Valley & Saint Louis Railroad came through in 1872, establishing a station there. Soon afterward, a man by the name of Greene built a small sawmill near the railroad, and the community that arose along the railroad and sawmill was given a post office on May 21, 1875, with William P. Stacy as postmaster. Originally, the post office was named Greene.

A.C. Melze and some other merchants moved their stores to the crossroads south of the railroad around 1880, and the site became known as Merrill, in honor of N.W. Merrill, a railroad employee who had provided assistance to several villages after an 1881 fire. On November 2, 1881, the Greene post office was renamed Merrill, and the village was incorporated in 1889.

The village's peak population was 963 in 1960 and, with the exception of a 3.6% increase in 2000, Merrill's population has declined each census year since 1960, to a current population of about seven hundred and fifty.

Merrill is largely a residential community, although it does support some manufacturing concerns, as well as several businesses supplying the needs of the community, area visitors, and passersby. Many Merrill residents commute to nearby Saginaw.

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