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Faith, religion, and spirituality in Midland, Michigan are the focal point of topics in this portion of our guide.

Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are separate words with unique definitions. Faith can be defined as a strong belief, trust, and obedience to God, or to another deity. In another context, it can be used as a synonym for religion, however, as in the Christian faith or the Islamic faith.

Religion has numerous definitions, although it most commonly refers to an organized set of beliefs, usually in a deity, expressed through doctrines or myths. Common religions include Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism.

Spirituality is a broad concept with definitions that are largely a matter of perspective. In general, it refers to a connection to something larger than ourselves, such as a search for the purpose in life or a worldview. Christian spirituality usually suggests the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian, expressed through rituals and practices that enhance the Christian's sense of the presence and reality of God.

A recent survey suggests that residents of Midland are considerably more religious than those in the average Michigan locality, and slightly more religious than most American cities or towns.

Of respondents in Midland who cited a religion, the Catholics were by far the most numerous. They were followed by the Lutherans, and more distantly by the Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Mormons, and Episcopalians. In much smaller numbers were those practicing Judaism, who came in at about two-tenths of one percent.

Appropriate resources for this category may include websites representing ministries and places of worship in Midland, regardless of the particular religion, denomination, or faith.



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