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Topics related to health, medicine, and emergency services in Milford, Michigan are the focus of this category.

Online resources representing law enforcement, fire and rescue services, and emergency medical services may be listed here, along with those of local medical, dental, eye care, mental health, or veterinary services.

Alternative medicine in Milford may also be found here. Alternative medicine is commonly defined as the practice of medicine that is not considered conventional in Western countries. Many of these practices are common in cultures outside of the West. The term may also be used to refer integrative medicine, which is a field of medicine that integrates two or more fields of thinking, such as holistic medicine.

Health and wellness facilities in Milford would be appropriate for this category, as would any other medical or veterinary facilities, such as acute treatment units, addiction treatment centers, ambulatory surgical centers, animal hospitals, birth centers, blood banks, cancer treatment centers, chiropractic clinics, clinics, convalescence centers, dental clinics, diabetes education centers, dialysis centers, dialysis treatment clinics, doctor's offices, federally qualified health centers, fitness and nutrition centers, hospice homes, hospices, hospitals, eye clinics, imaging and radiology centers, medical centers, mental health centers, mental health facilities, nursing homes, optometric clinics, orthopedic centers, outpatient surgical centers, primary care facilities, recovery centers, rehabilitation centers, rural health centers, specialty clinics, urgent care facilities, veterinary clinics, wellness centers, and others.

Websites representing health facilities, practitioners, and programs in Milford are appropriate for this category.



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