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Millersburg, Michigan is a small village in Case Township, Presque Isle County, in the northeastern Lower Peninsula.

The Ocqueoc River flows through the village.

The chief route through Millersburg is Millersburg Road (Main Street), which intersects Walker Highway in the upper portion of the village, and connects with M-68 to the north. Big Cut Highway forms the village's northern boundary, Preel Highway forms the southern border, Rainey Lake Road and Corriveau Road make up the western border, and Kimball Road forms a portion of its eastern border.

The only other incorporated municipalities within twenty miles of Millersburg are the cities of Onaway and Rogers City. The unincorporated community of Hawks is just over ten miles away.

Millersburg is a small community of just over two hundred people, at the time of the 2010 census, although it is anticipated that it will fall below that number when the 2020 census numbers are released. Its peak population was 1910, the first year that it appeared on the census rolls. The decline likely corresponded with that of the timber industry in Michigan.

In 1897, the village was platted by C.R. Miller, who named it for himself. A post office was established on February 24, 1898, with John D. Walker as postmaster. A sawmill operated by Gardner & Peterman opened in 1899, and the village was incorporated in 1901.

In the late 1800s, a village named Providence, just across the river from Millersburg, had hoped to get a railroad depot, but it ended up in Millersburg instead. In the fall of 1916, the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad opened a depot in Millersburg. The last train to Millersburg was in 1980, and eventually, the depot was acquired by the Millersburg Historical Society.

On April 25, 1899, another post office was opened just west of Millersburg. Reuben Mitchell, a lumberman, was appointed postmaster of this post office, known as Providence. The Providence post office closed on April 14, 1904, with its coverage assigned to Millersburg.

The first Presque Isle County Fair was held in Millersburg in the fall of 1901, but it was moved to Onaway in 1932, then to Posen, and Moltke Township, before returning to Millersburg in 2000. In 2012, the fair board decided to remove the carnival rides and to bring back the agricultural focus of the fair, much like the earlier events.

The North Eastern State Trail passes through the village, extending southeast to Alpena and northwest to Cheboygan, catering to hikers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers, and snowmobiles. The Millersburg Historic Park and Trailhead are in Millersburg, as well.

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