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Mio, Michigan is situated on Mio Pond, straddling Mentor Township, Big Creek Township, and Elmer Township, in the center of Oscoda County.

Although Mio is an unincorporated community, it is the county seat of Oscoda County, which has no incorporated communities. Additionally, the Mentor Township offices are located in Mio.

Situated in the Au Sable Valley of Northern Michigan, the community is surrounded by the Huron National Forest, and is part of the Grayling Forest Management Unit of the Au Sable State Forest. The Rifle River State Recreation Area is nearby, and the Oscoda County Park is minutes away.

Many residents of Mio and the surrounding area are Amish or Mennonite, or of Amish or Mennonite descent, and most are Anabaptist Christians.

The chief routes through the village are M-33 and M-72, which come together in downtown Mio, and then run concurrent to the north, forming South Mount Tom Road. Other routes include Cherry Creek Road, Kittle Road, River Road, and McKinley Road.

The only incorporated city or village within twenty-five miles of Mio is Rose City, about sixteen miles to the south, while the unincorporated communities of Fairview and Luzerne are within ten miles.

Although the community was founded largely due to its timber interests, today its support comes from its value to outdoor recreation enthusiasts and vacationers. While there is little in the way of industry in Mio, the community does support hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals, as well as restaurants and retail stores.

The first known European-American settlers or founders were Henry Deyarmond, Coolige, Comins, John Randall, and Reirlo Fosdick, who came in 1881. Originally known as Mioe, in honor of Henry Deyarmond's wife, a post office was established on May 3, 1882, with John Randall as postmaster. The spelling of the post office was changed to Mio on November 21, 1883.

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