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Mohawk, Michigan is southern Allouez Township in Keweenaw County, in the Keweenaw Peninsula, in the northern Upper Peninsula.

The unincorporated community is situated along US-41, which passes through the center of the town. US Highway 41 runs from Miami, Florida to Copper Harbor, about twenty-five miles northeast of Mohawk, and the northernmost portion of the state.

Incorporated cities and villages within twenty miles of Mohawk include Ahmeek, Copper City, Calumet, Laurium, Lake Linden, Hancock, and Houghton. Several unincorporated communities are within ten miles of Mohawk. These include Fulton, Ahmeek Location, Allouez, Kearsarge, Wolverine, Centennial, Centennial Heights, Vaughsville, Swedetown, Phoenix, and Eagle River.

Although the first European-Americans who came to the region were trappers and lumbermen, the copper industry was the largest contributor to the founding of the community.

Ernest Koch, a lumberman, discovered native copper in the area in 1896, and further explorations by Joseph E. Gay proved the value of the find. This resulted in the incorporation of the Mohawk Mining Company, which began operations in 1898.

The Mohawk Mining Company soon became a major copper mining company that remained in operation until 1932. The mine was known for the abundance of an otherwise rare rock that became known as mohawkite, a mixture of arsenic, silver, nickel, skutterudite, and copper.

During its operation, the Mohawk Mining Company acquired the Hebard Stone Quarry, the dock on Traverse Bay, and a narrow-gauge railroad that connected the quarry with the dock. In 1902, the Mohawk and Traverse Bay Railroad was widened to regular gauge.

The village developed along with the mine, taking its name from the mining company. On March 1, 1901, a post office was established in a store operated by George H. Petermann, with Mr. Petermann as the postmaster.

The zip code assigned to the Mohawk post office includes most of mainland Keweenaw County, and also uses the Eagle Harbor and Eagle River designations.

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