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Montrose, Michigan is in northwest Genesee County, about twenty miles northwest of Flint and about the same distance south of Saginaw, in the central Lower Peninsula. It is surrounded by Montrose Township.

The chief route through the city is M-57 (State Street), also known as Vienna Road, which runs east-west through the center of town. Seymour Road is a north-south route just east of the city limits. Other routes include Nichols Road (Saginaw Street).

Cities and villages within twenty miles of the city include Clio, New Lothrop, Birch Run, Flushing, Chesaning, Mt. Morris, Lennon, Oakley, Swartz Creek, Frankenmuth, Saginaw, Otisville, St. Charles, and Flint.

Police protection in Montrose is provided through a contract with Montrose Township, while fire and rescue services are provided by an on-call fire department based in the city.

Situated within the city limits, the Montrose-Jennings Memorial Library is owned by Montrose Community Schools, financed by the city and township, and maintained as a branch of the Genesee District Library System. Montrose Community Schools operates Hill-McCloy High School, Kuehn-Haven Middle School, Carter Elementary School, and a Head Start program. Its campuses are located within the city, with the exception of a portion of the middle school that extends into the township.

Scattered throughout the city, there are about a half dozen churches, with others situated just outside of the city limits. The city also has several civic organizations and non-profits providing a number of services to residents and others.

There are two parks in Montrose. Montrose City Lions Park is at the corner of Alfred Street and Park Drive, while Blueberry Park is in the southeast quadrant of the city, on the corner of South Saginaw Street and Coke Drive. Just outside the city limits is Barber Park, operated by the township, which includes sports facilities, a non-motorized path, a fishing dock, and a canoe launch on the Flint River, east of Montrose.

The city is dominated by single-family homes, although the number of multi-family residences is growing. Most of the city's commercial buildings are found along the M-57 corridor.

Daniel Pifford made the first land purchase in what was to become Montrose in 1835, although there is no record that he became a permanent resident. Acknowledged as the first European-American resident, Seymour W. Ensign came from New York in 1842, purchasing his property from Thomas L.L. Brent, for whom the former village of Brent and Brent Creek was named.

As a community developed, it was originally known as Pewonagowink. When the township was organized in 1848, John Farquharson, a Scottish immigrant, had the name changed to Montrose, and the village was later named for the township.

A post office was established in Montrose on March 8, 1856, with William Streeter as postmaster. He was succeeded by Seymour W. Ensign. Montrose was incorporated as a village in 1899 and became a city in 1980.

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