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Bordered by Mount Morris Township to the west, and Genesee Township to the east, the city of Mount Morris, Michigan is in Genesee County.

The chief routes through the city are Mount Morris Road (Mount Morris Street) and Saginaw Road (Saginaw Street), which intersect in the center of town. The Mason Drain bisects the city diagonally.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of the city include Clio, Flint, Flushing, Birch Run, Burton, Otisville, Montrose, New Lothrop, Davison, Frankenmuth, Grand Blanc, Columbiaville, Swartz Creek, Otter Lake, and Millington.

The first European-American settler in the area was Benjamin Pearson, who came in 1833, although Frederick Walker was the first settler on the village site in 1836. On July 11, 1837, a post office was established, with Charles N. Beecher as the first postmaster. On January 19, 1839, the name of the post office was changed to Genesee, and back to Mount Morris on April 25, 1857, then to Mount Morris Station on April 17, 1865, and back to Mount Morris on March 9, 1874.

The Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad came through in 1857, establishing a depot in Mount Morris. The railroad is still active through the city, although it is now owned by Lake State Railway.

The railroad spurred growth in the community, and Mount Morris was incorporated as a village in 1867, and became a city in 1927. The village and city enjoyed several decades of growth, particularly in the 1920 and 1930s, but has declined slightly during four of the past decades. Its peak population was 3,778 in 1970, and its current population is just under three thousand.

Although the city is in proximity to Flint and other metropolitan areas, the city includes both woodlands and wetlands, although some of it extends beyond the city limits. The largest wooded area in the city is on the west side, south of Mount Morris Road, between Elmcrest and Read Avenues. About thirty acres in the center of this woodland is identified by the National Wetlands Inventory as a Forested Wetland that is seasonally flooded. Another wooded area is in the southeast corner of Mount Morris, and includes five acres that are identified as a Scrub Shrub Wetland that is seasonally flooded.

Most of the residential areas of the city are single-family homes in a traditional neighborhood format on a grid pattern. Approximately ninety percent of the homes in Mount Morris were built before 1980. Multi-family homes in Mount Morris are in small pockets within single-family neighborhoods and include apartment complexes.

Most of the commercial properties in Mount Morris are along Saginaw Street, although smaller areas of commercial activity can be found along Genesee Street and Washington Avenue. The traditional downtown area of the city is along Mount Morris Road. Limited industrial land in the city is located near the railroad in the southeast corner of the city and would be considered light industrial, such as warehousing, machine shops, and limited manufacturing.

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