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Naubinway, Michigan is on the northernmost shores of Lake Michigan, in southern Garfield Township, Mackinac County, in the Upper Peninsula.

Naubinway is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) along US Highway 2. Naubinway Road leads north from the community, connecting with Hiawatha Trail (CR-40). St. Ignace is about forth-two miles to the east, while Manistique is about forty-five miles to the west. Other nearby communities include Millecoquins, Engadine, Garnet, Gould City, and Ecoufette.

Naubinway is the largest commercial fishing port in the Upper Peninsula. The southernmost point of land in the community is known as Millecoquins Point, and this cape creates a natural harbor known as Naubinway Harbor, which includes the Naubinway-Garfield Township Marina, a park, and marina.

Naubinway Island is a small island just over a half-mile offshore. The Naubinway Island Light was built on the island in 1931 and, although the original structure has been replaced by a cylindrical tower, it continues as an active lighthouse, alerting vessels of the shallow underwater Naubinway Reef, about a mile and a half south of the island.

The Naubinway post office serves the southern portion of Garfield Township, and a larger area east of Naubinway that includes most of Hudson Township, all of Hendricks Township, and a small portion of Moran Township.

Naubinway was named for a Native American word meaning "place of echoes." A post office was established on November 28, 1879, with Benjamin B.C. Perkins as postmaster.

The community was founded as a fishing port, and it continues to serve that purpose. In recent years, due perhaps to its remoteness and lack of amenities, Naubinway's population has been in decline, and is supported largely by commercial fishing and tourism. The community became a census-designated place for the 2020 census.

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