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Situated in south McMillan Township, and surrounded by miles of state forests, the village of Newberry, Michigan is the county seat of Luce County, and its only incorporated municipality.

Dollarville, an unincorporated community just west of Newberry, along Country Road 405 (CR-405), may be included in this category.

The nearest incorporated municipalities to Newberry are the cities of Manistique (59 miles), Munising (61 miles), and Sault Ste. Marie (67 miles). The chief routes through the village of Newberry are M-123, CR-405, CR-430, CR-451, CR-462, and McPhees Landing Road.

Located in the eastern segment of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Newberry is considered one of the two gateways to the Tahquamenon Falls area, and was designated the Moose Capital of Michigan by the state legislature.

Like many Michigan communities, Newberry began as a lumbering town, with other early industries largely supporting its lumber operations. Its factory and lumber yards were concentrated in the one-mile stretch between the railroad and the Tahquamenon River to the north.

In 1882, some Detroit businessmen established the Vulcan Furnace Company, which was headquartered in Newberry, where it originally produced charcoal. Although the community was originally known alternatively as Grant's Camp or Grant's Corner, it was renamed for Truman H. Newberry, one of the owners of the Vulcan Furnace Company.

On June 21, 1882, a post office was established as Newberry, with Richard H. Weller as postmaster. Newberry was incorporated as a village in 1885, and platted by W.O. Strong and the land commissioner of the Detroit, Mackinaw & Marquette Railroad in 1887, the year that it was designated the county seat.

In 1895, the Upper Peninsula Asylum for the Insane was established just south of the village. Its name was changed to Newberry State Hospital in 1911 and, by then, it had grown from one building to a large complex with the main hospital and several adjunct buildings, including a nursery school. The hospital closed in 1992, and a large portion of its grounds was converted into the Newberry Correctional Facility, which still includes some of the old buildings used for the state hospital. Opened in 1996, the Correctional Facility is a medium-security state prison for men.

The Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway established operations in Newberry to serve the furnace company, as well as area lumber operations. The railroad included a two-mile siding south of the mainline to serve the state hospital while it was in operation, as well as another branch line serving the furnace company.

A mile and a half west of Newberry, Dollarville was once a promising lumber town that went into decline after M-28 bypassed it in 1928, although it remains as a viable residential community.

Dollarville was named for Robert Dollar, general manager of the American Lumber Company, which began operations there in 1882. To serve the lumber operations, the Detroit, Mackinaw & Marquette Railroad, which later became part of the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway, established a station in Dollarville.

A post office was established in Dollarville on August 13, 1883, with George W. Rule as postmaster. By 1890, Dollarville had several stores, many of them owned by Dollar, as well as other company businesses, including a couple of hotels and a few saloons.

Lumber operations in Dollarville went into decline in the mid-1920s, and its hopes of becoming a thriving town were lost when it was bypassed by the state highway.

Today, there are about a hundred people living in Dollarville. Its post office closed in 1903. There are no schools, churches, or stores in Dollarville, although there is still a working lumber company, and its operations are still supported by the railroad. In the 1970s, a new dam was built to restore an old logging dam on the Tahquamenon River, built by the American Lumber Company.

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