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The village of North Branch, Michigan is in Lapeer County, surrounded by North Branch Township to the east, west, and south, and by Burlington Township to the north.

Named for the North Branch of the Flint River, which flows through the southwest corner of the village, downtown North Branch is intersected by M-90 (North Branch Road), known as Huron Street within the village, and Jefferson Road.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of North Branch include Clifford, Brown City, Mayville, Marlette, Kingston, Columbiaville, Otter Lake, Melvin, Lapeer, Imlay City, Otisville, and Millington, while the unincorporated communities of Burnside, Silverwood, and Barnes Lake are within ten miles.

North Branch has a traditional downtown business district that includes the properties along Huron Street, one block deep on each side, from Lincoln to Monroe Street. This district consists largely of restaurants, retail stores, municipal buildings, and entertainment venues, with some office and residential uses of upper floors.

The village includes an industrial park at the eastern edge of the village and another, smaller industrial area is planned just north of the business district.

European-American settlement of the area began in 1854. The first settlers cleared land to built shanties in the early spring of that year, bringing their families near the end of 1854 or early in 1855.

Prior to its settlement by European-Americans, a small Ojibwa village was at the site. After the townsite was surveyed, some of the Ojibwa people purchased the land upon which they lived.

A post office was established on June 4, 1856, with Richard Beach as postmaster. At that time, the community was known as Beachville (sometimes spelled Beechville), for John and Richard Beach, who operated the trading post and store in which the post office was located. Less than a year later, the post office took the name of North Branch.

The Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad established a station and built a depot in 1883 that served both passengers and freight. The railroad later became Grand Trunk Western, but the depot was razed in the early 1980s.

Steam and water sawmills were erected in 1857, and the following year a doctor's office and a store were opened in the village. By 1860, North Branch had a shoemaker, a cooper shop, a wagon shop, and a lumber mill. A law office opened in 1867, and a flour mill was built in 1868.

In 1870, North Branch hosted a fair sponsored by the Burlington, Burnside, Deerfield, and Rich Agricultural and Horticultural Society, and this became an annual event until 1950.

North Branch was incorporated as a village in 1881.

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