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The village of Parma, Michigan is in Jackson County. Divided into three sections, the main portion of the village is south of I-94, along both sides of Parma Road, straddling Parma Township to the west, and Sandstone Township to the east.

Another portion of the village is in Parma Township, west of Parma Road, and between Mockey Brook and I-94, while the third section is east of the other two sections, and south of I-94, with its easternmost border being North Dearing Road. Old US 12 (Michigan Avenue) passes through the main portion of the village.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Parma include Concord, Albion, Jackson, Springport, Homer, Hanover, Eaton Rapids, and Marshall.

Originally located a few miles east of its current location, Parma was established as a stop along the Michigan Central Railroad known as Gidley's Station. Eli Gould is acknowledged as the founding settler of the community when he came in 1833. When it was moved to its current location, and platted by James M. Gould, it was renamed Groveland, and at some point, it was also known as Cracker Hill.

When the village was incorporated in 1847, its name was changed to Parma, after Parma, New York, the hometown of some of its early settlers. A post office was established on January 28, 1862.

Parma was on the main line of the Michigan Central, and also served by an interurban that ran between Jackson and Albion. However, the Parma depot was closed in 1954, and the building was later dismantled.

The Parma Union School District served the village until 1957, when it joined with other school districts to form the Western School District. Today, only Parma Elementary School is located within the village limits.

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