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The unincorporated community of Pickford, Michigan is mostly in southwest Pickford Township in Chippewa County, but a portion of it extends into northeast Marquette Township in Mackinac County.

Pickford is on the western banks of Munuscong Lake, and the Big Munuscong River and the Little Munuscong River flow through the community before emptying into the lake. Desmareaux Creek, Fletcher Creek, Hannah Creek, Parker Creek, Rapson Creek, and the East Branch of the Munuscong River also flow through the community.

As an unincorporated community, there are no defined boundaries for Pickford, but the main settlement is concentrated on the intersection of M-129/48 (Meridian Road), West Town Line Road, and East Gogomain Road (Main Street), just west of the Big Munuscong River.

The only city or village within twenty-five miles of Pickford is Sault Ste. Marie, about twenty-three miles to the north.

Established in 1880, the Pickford post office serves most of Pickford Township, and portions of southern Bruce Township, eastern Raber Township, and northeast Marquette Township.

The European-American settlement of the area that was to become Pickford began in 1877, when James Clegg, John Crawford, and William Gough came from Canada to the area, then a wooded valley called Munuscong, and built homes. They returned to Canada to get their families and, upon their return the following year, they found that Charles W. Pickford had built a home on some of the lands they had chosen. The cluster of homes was later named for him.

Families that came soon afterward included the Bests, Greens, Hannahs, Harrisons, Millers, Morrisons, Quinnells, Raynards, Ryes, Taylors, and Wilsons.

William Hannah opened the first boarding house in Pickford, selling it to Jack Stanley in 1903. Frank Taylor built the Central Hotel, which was built all the way out to the corner as there were no cars then.

One of the first businesses in Pickford was the C.W. Pickford Store, which was sold to David Beacom and F.H. Taylor about seven years later.

The Pickford Clarion was published in Pickford from 1905 to 1918.

Other early businesses included the Harrison Drug Store, Cameron's Drug Store, the Barish Store, The Pickford Grocery Store, a barbershop owned by Harold Fash, a blacksmith shop operated by the Belchers, the Lipsett Garage, and the Pickford Creamery.

Doctors serving Pickford in the early days included Dr. David H. Webster, Dr. J.A. Cameron, Dr. T. Greely Fox, Dr. Donald L. Cummings, Dr. E.S. Carr, and Dr. Glendon Goddard.

Early churches included the Pickford Methodist Church, St. Matthias Mission, Pickford Presbyterian Church, and Pickford Church of the Nazarene.

The first school in Pickford began in 1880, with Miss Emma Pickford teaching from her home. Later, Mrs. Pascoe taught children in a log building. However, these were not organized schools. A school board was set up in 1882, and a dedicated school building was built, with Miss Millie Earl as its first teacher.

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