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Surrounded by Pierson Township, the village of Pierson is in northwest Montcalm County, in the central Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

The chief route to and from the village is Federal Road, which runs northeast-southwest through the village. Pierson Road forms the village's northern boundary, Stanton Road forms its southern boundary, and Amy School Road and Neve Road are its western and eastern boundaries, respectively.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of the village include Sand Lake, Howard City, Cedar Springs, Morley, Rockford, Kent City, Grant, Lakeview, Stanwood, Sparta, Casnovia, Newaygo, Stanton, and Greenville.

Pierson has a current population of about 175, but it has never been a large community. Its peak population was 372 in 1880, the first year that it appeared on a census roll.

European-American settlement of the area began in 1856, when David S. Pierson acquired forty acres. He, Dexter Clark, and John L. Shar founded the village, which was then part of Mecosta County, and a post office was opened in Mr. Pierson's home on January 29, 1857, with Mr. Pierson as the postmaster.

When the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad was completed through Pierson, a station was established in Pierson. As with other Michigan communities, the railroad brought other businesses. O.H. Richmond opened the first store in the community in 1867, and C.O. Taylor opened a hotel, known as the Taylor House, in 1868.

Dr. H.F. Kilborn came to Pierson from Canada in 1869, becoming the first physician in the village, although he remained for just a short time. Dr. D. Everett and Dr. H.D. Holden also set up practice in Pierson. Another early settler was Colonel D. Johnson.

Richard Gage built the Pierson Hotel, and a sawmill was opened by McConnell & Sons in 1870. This company built the Empire Flouring Mills in 1877.

David S. Pierson, John L. Shaw, and Dexter Clark engaged William Thorton to plat and lay out a townsite on October 18, 1870, and Pierson was incorporated as a village in 1873.

Today, the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail follows the course of the former railroad line, paralleling Federal Road as it passes through Pierson. Designated as a state park, White Pine Trail extends from Grand Rapids to Cadillac, and passes through Comstock Park, Belmont, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sand Lake, Pierson, Howard City, Morley, Stanwood, Big Rapids, Paris, Reed City, Ashton, LeRoy, Tustin, and Cadillac.

In 1997, Stephen Tvedten, a Pierson landowner, received a complaint from the state's Department of Environmental Quality referencing two "debris dams" on his property which, the state claimed, were illegally constructed without a permit. Tvedten replied, informing the state that they were beaver dams. His response asked whether all beavers in the state, or just his, had to apply for permits in order to build a dam. The state dropped the case.

Pierson is primarily residential, although the village supports a restaurant and bar, a gas station and convenience store, a meat shop, and a pizzeria. There is a municipal building, and the township hall is also located in the village.

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