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The village of Pigeon, Michigan is in the northwest part of the Thumb Region of the Lower Peninsula.

Surrounded by Winsor Township in Huron County, the village is east of the Pigeon River. The chief route to and from the village is Pigeon Road, which enters the village from the west, then turns south in the center of town. Other routes include Caseville Road, and Sturm Road, the latter of which forms the eastern boundary of the village.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of Pigeon include Elkton, Owendale, Caseville, Gagetown, Sebewaing, Bad Axe, Unionville, Cass City, and Kinde, while the unincorporated communities of Berne, Linkville, Bay Port, Weale, and Kilmanagh are within ten miles.

Largely residential, the village has a population of just under 1,100. Its peak population was 1,208 in 2010.

Like many Michigan communities, Pigeon was founded as a railroad town, after it became apparent that the Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron County Railroad was coming through the area in the late 1880s. A station was opened in Pigeon, and it later became the crossing of the north-south Pontiac, Oxford & Northern (Grand Trunk Railway) and the east-west Pere Marquette Railway, both of which used the same depot.

Coming in 1888, John Nitz and C.A. Applegate are acknowledged as the village's founders. With the potential for growth becoming evident, settlers began coming to the area, establishing businesses and industries, and later banks, churches, hotels, grocery stores, a grist mill, grain elevators, blacksmith shops, doctor's offices, and an opera house.

A post office was established on April 20, 1890, with Albert Kleinschmidt as the first postmaster. Pigeon was incorporated as a village in 1902. Many of its early settlers were recent immigrants from Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and England. At one time, German was the most common language in Pigeon, which was named for its proximity to the river, which was itself named for the large number of pigeons in the area.

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