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Topics related to education and instruction in Portage, Michigan are the focus of this portion of our guide.

There are no colleges or universities in Portage as far as I am aware but, if there were, online resources referencing them would be appropriate for this category.

Public PK-12th-grade education in Portage is provided by Portage Public Schools, which also offers an adult education program and other community programs. Campuses within the district include 12th Street Elementary School, Amberly Elementary School, Angling Road Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Haverhill Elementary School, Lake Center Elementary School, Moorsbridge Elementary School, and Woodland Elementary School, as well as Central Middle School, North Middle School, and West Middle School. There were three high school campuses: Central High School, Community High School, and Northern High School. Public school campuses are scattered throughout the city.

Besides public K-12 programs, Portage private and religious schools providing preschool, pre-kindergarten, or K-12 programs may also be listed here, along with tutoring programs, homeschool programs, vocational schools, job training programs, and specialized instruction, such as driver training or training in art, dance, drama, of music.



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