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Places to eat or drink in the city of Portage, Michigan are the focus of resources in this portion of our guide.

These may be known by a number of names, besides restaurants and bars, including bakeries, barbecue places, bar and grills, BBQs, bistros, buffets, cafes, cafeterias, coffeehouses, coffee shops, cookhouses, diners, dining halls, drive-ins, fast-food chains, hamburger stands, hotdog stands, lunch counters, pizzerias, pubs, saloons, smorgasbords, taverns, and others.

Portage has a population approaching 50,000, and it abuts Kalamazoo, with a population near 80,000. Additionally, I-94 passes through the northern portion of the city and US-131 parallels its eastern border, so Portage receives a great deal of year-round traffic, and supports a population that calls for several restaurants.

The focus of this category is on restaurants and bars, by whatever name, within the city of Portage, Michigan.



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