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Potterville, Michigan is surrounded by Benton Township to the north, west, and south, and by Windsor Township to the east.

The chief route to and from the city is I-69, which is mostly just outside of the southeast city limits. Other routes include M-100 (Hartel Road), Lansing Road, and Vermontville Highway. The Canadian National Railway provides freight service along its Flint Subdivision.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of the city include Dimondale, Charlotte, Grand Ledge, Eaton Rapids, Lansing, Vermontville, Mulliken, Olivet, Eagle, Mason, Sunfield, East Lansing, DeWitt, Nashville, Springport, Bellevue, and Portland.

The Thornapple River flows through a small portion of the city in the southwest. Just north of the river is Alliance Lake, which is entirely within the city limits.

Police and fire protection is provided by the Potterville Police Department, while the Benton Township Fire Department & EMS provides fire and emergency medical services.

The Potterville Public School District consists of an elementary school, middle school, and high school, located on one campus along Main Street.

The city has four parks within the city limits. These are Porterville City Park, Veterans' Memorial Park, Alliance Lake Park, and Sunset Hills Park, and the Potterville School facilities contain additional playgrounds and sports fields that can also be used by the community.

The city is named for Linus Potter, who came with his wife and seven children in 1844. Although he died within two years of arriving, his family remained. His oldest son, George N. Potter, built a sawmill and boarding house, the latter of which later became a hotel. Another son, James W. Potter, became the first postmaster for the community on March 15, 1870.

Potterville was incorporated as a village in 1881, and became a city in 1962.

During its history, the small city has experienced several disasters in recent years. On July 6, 1994, lightning struck the beach at Fox Park, injuring twenty-two beachgoers. September 2, of that same year, brought a rare earthquake, the epicenter of which was just east of the city, although no one was injured. During the Memorial Day weekend in 2002, the city was evacuated as a result of propane leaking from thirty-five Canadian National cars that derailed. In May of 2006, another Canadian National train derailed, although no injuries were sustained and no evacuation was necessary.

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