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The City of Riverview, Michigan is a southern suburb of the Detroit Metro Region.

Situated in southern Wayne County, the city is bordered on the east by the Detroit River, across from Grosse Ile. The city is adjacent to Trenton to the south, Southgate and Wyandotte to the north, and Brownstown Township to the west.

The suburbs in the southern portion of the Detroit metropolitan area, including Riverview, are known as the Downriver Region, as they are tied to the geography and industrial development along the Detroit River.

The main route through the city is M-85 (Fort Street), which runs north-south through the center of Riverview. Other routes include West Jefferson Avenue and Sibley Road. Pennsylvania Road forms the city's northern boundary, and King Road and Sibley Road make up its southern boundary. Bridge Road connects Riverview with Grosse Isle via the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge.

Besides Southgate, Wyandotte, and Trenton, which abut Riverview, other cities and villages within twenty miles include Woodhaven, Gibraltar, Lincoln Park, Ecorse, Taylor, Allen Park, Rockwood, River Rouge, Flat Rock, South Rockwood, Melvindale, Romulus, Inkster, Dearborn Heights, Estral Beach, Carleton, Garden City, Wayne, Belleville, and Detroit.

The Riverview Community School District provides K-12 public school services to the community, operating Memorial Elementary School, Huntington Elementary School, Forest Elementary School, Seitz Middle School, and Riverview High School, although Gabriel Richard High School provides a Catholic alternative for grade 9-12 students.

City-owned parks include Coachwood Park, Jefferson Tot Lot, Kennebec Park, Kingswood Park, Lloyd Carr Park, McShane Park, Memorial Park, Ray Street Park, Riverview Glens Park, Vos Tot Lot, Vreeland Park, and Young Patriot's Park. The city also operates a community center, a golf course, and a boat launch.

Law enforcement services are provided by the Riverview Police Department, while the Riverview Fire Department organizes and coordinates fire and emergency medical services within the city.

The Canadian National Railroad and the Norfolk Southern Railroad run north-south freight lines along the east side of the city.

As one of Michigan's younger cities, Riverview first appeared on a census report in 1930, with a population of 743. By 1980, its population had risen to 14,569, but it declined for three decades before increasing by only four people in 2020, when its reported population was 12,490.

Although Riverview is one of Michigan's younger cities, it does have a history.

The Battle of Monguagon (also known as the Battle of Maguaga or the Battle of the Oakwoods) took place during the early days of the War of 1812. The battle pitted British troops, Canadian militia, and Shawnees loyal to Tecumseh, against a larger force of American troops, Ohio Volunteers, and the Michigan Legion near the Wyandot village of Maguaga, which is currently the site of Riverview. Although small, as compared to other battles, this battle was the first encounter of the War that was large enough to be called a battle.

Riverview was originally part of the former Monguagon Township, along with what is now Trenton, although the latter was settled earlier because it was situated on the highest ground between the Downriver area and Toledo. Meanwhile, what is now the city of Riverview was originally known as the "river view" portion of the township. There was lumber in the river view part of the township, and limestone was later discovered there. Originally owned by F.B. Sibley, Riverview's limestone quarry is still in operation.

In 1906, the Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Railroad established a station at what is now Riverview, although the station was first called Wyandotte Heights.

People came to work in the quarry, and to operate supporting businesses, but the growing settlement lacked city water, which limited its growth.

In order to provide for this, as well as other needs, Riverview was incorporated as a village in 1923. In the late 1950s, residents of Riverview drew up a petition supporting the village's incorporation as a city, and were supported in this by residents of the small remaining section of Monguagon Township, as Trenton had already separated from the township. Prompting Riverview's move to incorporate as a city were simultaneous moves by neighboring Trenton to annex Riverview, and had drawn up a petition to this end.

According to tradition, the two petitions arrived in Lansing an hour apart, with Riverview being the winner. Riverview's request to incorporate as a city was approved on March 24, 1959.

Also during the 1950s, Riverview was home to active Nike Ajax missile silos, situated behind the current location of the city hall. The Riverview Community Center was originally a barracks for soldiers stationed at the missile silos, which were deactivated in 1963.



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